Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dishwasher Q&A

Proper dishwasher care

You love your dishwasher. Secretly, it’s your favorite appliance. We promise not to tell your other kitchen gadgets.

Dishwashers do all the work after a heavy meal and clean a mountain of dishes. The soft rumbling of water lapping against your flatware means one less chore. It’s music to your ears.

As great as dishwashers are, many questions surround these appliances and how to get the most use out of them.

People often wonder how much detergent they should use during each cycle. This is an easy one! Refer to your dishwasher’s user manual for the optimal amount of detergent to use. If you have hard water, add a little extra detergent to ensure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned. Less detergent is needed if you have soft water.

You know how much detergent your dishwasher needs, but now storage comes to mind. Are some storage places better than others?

The best place to keep your detergent is in a cool, dry area so it avoids gathering moisture. Extra moisture causes detergent to turn lumpy. Also keep it away from children and pets.

Dishwashers are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. Today we’re placing these hard-working machines in the limelight. The proper tools and knowledge ensure your dishwasher buddy keeps working night after night.

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