Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A Clean Dryer, Is a Happy Dryer

How to clean your dryer

We bet you cleaned a lot of clothes over the holiday. New socks and sweaters you got for Christmas, washing the kids’ snow pants after playing outside and doing the laundry for guests. Seems like it’s been two straight weeks of laundry, hasn’t it?

Fortunately, 2017 has brought relief from laundry. Everyone has clean clothes -- old and new -- and the relatives are doing laundry at their own homes again.

Now that your appliances are resting, show them TLC. Lint and dirt could build up in the dryer after multiple loads of clothes, towels and sheets. Following these tips can increase your dryer’s efficiency and help it last longer.

The filter is the easiest part to clean, and should be done after every use. Even if you wipe away lint, a clean filter may be clogged if you use fabric softener sheets. To test, pour a little water on your filter. If the water pools up rather than flowing through the screen, it needs cleaning. Wash the screen using a brush and warm, soapy water.

Your dryer drum doesn’t usually need to be cleaned, unless you included a load of clothes filled with pet hair or dirt and grime. First, shake off as much excess dirt or hair as possible before placing them in the dryer. When the clothes are done, wipe the drum with a damp cloth to remove hair or dirt.

If you open the dryer and find gum or crayon in your drum, don’t fear. We have a solution! Warm your dryer and throw in a couple old towels. Scrape off extra dirt with a hard rubber spatula. Clean the drum with a moist cloth, laundry detergent and hot water, then wipe away water with a dry towel.

Easy, right? Yes it is!

Now your dryer can start 2017 off fresh, clean and ready to work.

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