Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Simple Outdoor Entertaining Solutions

Lynx Professional CocktailPro

Summer is the time for outdoor entertaining: garden parties, barbecues and evening cocktail soirees under the stars.

You love to have people over and host parties throughout the season. You not only provide a home-cooked meal, you dabble in exciting cocktail recipes, too. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink on a hot afternoon, as the sun gives way to a warm summer evening.

summer entertaining There’s only one problem. You don’t have a good bar setup, and have no place to store your cocktail accouterments. During a party you’re constantly trekking in and out of the house to fetch ice, glasses and everything else you need to make drinks. It’s a waste of time and energy, and takes away time you could spend with your guests.

However, there’s an easy solution to all of these problems. The Lynx Professional CocktailPro is the perfect compliment to the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

The cocktail station is illuminated with blue LED lights so you can whip up drinks well past sunset and long into the night. There will be no last call at your outdoor bar. A stainless steel sink with faucet, water filtration system and removable bottle shelves makes entertaining and cleaning a breeze.

Imagine the outdoor parties you’ll have this summer—graduations, birthdays and more. You are the ultimate host and this cocktail station is exactly what you need. You’ll even have time to enjoy one of the drinks you make for everyone else. And when the guests are gone and you have a moment alone? Put your feet up and make a toast to easy outdoor entertaining.

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