Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Is Your Kitchen Artisanal, Minimal or Tech-Savvy?

Kitchen styles

Trends come and go. Some of us were around both times leggings were in fashion. And who doesn’t remember when every dish had bacon in it? Although it seems like that trend is still going on.

Kitchens also experience the ebb and flow of what’s trendy. Three kitchen trends have emerged in recent years: artisanal, minimal and tech-savvy. These styles developed as people’s tastes evolved. Each trend has its unique qualities. Do you know which one you like best?

Artisanal kitchens are all about the atmosphere. Warm finishes and traditional touches give off the classic vibe of the kitchens of yesteryear. An artisanal kitchen is handcrafted and heartwarming. It hearkens back to the warmth of our grandmother’s kitchen. The decor, cabinetry and appliances have an authentic look and appeal to our emotions. In these kitchens, you don’t just make meals; you make memories.

On the flip side, there’s the minimalist kitchen for those who prefer a sleek and clean look. This style has been unfolding for years. The overall design is contemporary, and minimalist kitchens use a lot of glass in their designs. One new innovation popular in many minimalist kitchens are appliances which disappear into the cabinetry.

Other kitchens mesh style with the latest technologies. Technology continually impacts kitchen design by making products easier to use. Appliances are faster and last longer. User interfaces blend current technology with kitchen gadgetry. What materializes from the mashup of home appliances and technology is a kitchen with an eye to the future.

Do you know which style suits you best? Maybe you like a little from each trend. The best part is you can create whatever kitchen your heart desires. Start with an artisanal vibe, sprinkle in a few minimalist glass accents and top it off with the latest technology. The final product will be the kitchen of your dreams. 

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