Wednesday, 22 February 2017

3 Things to Keep Away from the Dishwasher

What not to put in the dishwasher

The nightly dishwasher battle is made of many smaller fights: where the plates go, which way the utensils face and how to squeeze in every last thing so you don’t have to wash it by hand.

Dishwashers are great. They give us more time to relax rather than scrub dishes. Unfortunately, dishwashers are the root of many fights.

A common point of contention is what goes in the dishwasher and what to wash by hand. Here are a few items which should never see the inside of your dishwasher.

1.      Cast-iron skillet
You’ve used your skillet for many years, seasoning it to the point of culinary perfection. If you want to clean your skillet in the dishwasher...don’t! You’ll ruin it. Skip the dishwasher. Rinse your skillet in warm, soap-less water, or rub it clean with salt.     

2.      Vintage plates
            As a kid, you loved the family china. Beautifully handcrafted plates and cups with exquisite designs. You wondered why your parents never used them. Your parents may have had good reason for leaving the fine china locked behind glass doors. But now the good china belongs to you, and you want to use it. Stay far away from the dishwasher because hot water and detergents may destroy the hand-painted details. Vintage plates and cups are hand wash only.

3.      Anything wood or copper
            Wooden spoons, spatulas or cutting boards should never go in the dishwasher. The hot water
Hand wash only
and heat used to dry is too harsh for wood, causing it to warp and lose its shape.
            Copper mugs and pots are popular because of their gorgeous color. Like with your wooden utensils, hand wash anything copper. A dishwasher is too harsh for copper and will dull its shiny appearance.

Now you know what should, or should not, go in the dishwasher. Let peace reign in your kitchen once again.

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